Don’t take my good deed away.

Wendy / January 21, 2019

For years I thought it was a sign of weakness to allow anyone to help me. Why would they want to do something nice for me? The ironic thing is I would often pay for meals, going out of my way to help or pay for coffee. I did these things because I liked the feeling of helping others. What’s…

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Recycling clothes in your closet

Wendy / January 15, 2019

I look forward to January, not because it’s a new month or a new year. NOPE, sister, it’s sale season and my opportunity to purchase new tops is upon us. Why tops and not pants? I can spruce up my wardrobe with new shirts while keeping the same pants. Bada Boom! Let’s work on recycling your closet. Something I have…

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Development, Lifestyle

My story of limiting beliefs.

Wendy / January 3, 2019

For years, I convinced myself a college degree would ensure respect and people of authority would listen. If only I had an education… I would be able to accomplish all the things I dream about. Write a book, own a business and feel like I had a purpose. Mostly, I wanted to feel respected. This is my story of limiting…

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