Cozy movie day essentials

Holidays are not complete without at least hot chocolate and a movie day! Ignore the myth of taking time for yourself is selfish, it is necessary. A down day or at least some time to relax is good for our mental and physical well being. I enjoy movies so here are my cozy movie day essentials.

Wait, I have a funny story…A couple of years ago I was sitting in my office at Knipp Contracting, looking over Facebook, of course, I thought wouldn’t it be fun to answer the phone Buddy the elf, what’s your favorite color? I hosted an impromptu contest. Call the office and if you hear me answer the phone with Buddy the Elf, What’s your favorite color you will receive a gift card. Don’t worry, we own the company so I can get away with it. By the way; If you are in marketing, this was a great way to get my target audience engaged. 

 The second movie on my list is National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, so many parts to enjoy, the scene in the front yard when the Christmas lights won’t turn on the I don’t Know MARGO! scene or from an everyone’s favorite cousin Eddie. We all have an Eddie in our family, am I right?   

 I am a sucker for sentimental movies The Family Man with Nicolas Cage is one I will watch a couple of times a year, such a feel-good movie. My favorite funny part is at the mall. I have meltdowns like that sometimes too. lol

Holidays are not complete without watching, It’s a wonderful life, oh that George Baily is a good man and the community gathers together in his time of need. The meaning of giving and Christmas is all wrapped up in this classic.

Remember when the first Santa Clause came out? The Magic of seeing the workshop as Santas sleigh is lowered down was amazing. My favorite part is the scene inside Denny’s, it is recorded on my phone and sent to my kids through the year. I am a funny mom, maybe a little weird, that’s ok.

 Last but not least How the Grinch Stole Christmas with Jim Carrey 

There you have it! Spend the day watching movies, get some comfy jammies on, mine are from Target, get the hot Chocolate going and hunker down for the day, or at least one movie. Enjoy the holiday season, we only get one a year. Love each other and forgive often my friends.


Happy Holidays! 



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