Don’t take my good deed away.

For years I thought it was a sign of weakness to allow anyone to help me. Why would they want to do something nice for me? The ironic thing is I would often pay for meals, going out of my way to help or pay for coffee. I did these things because I liked the feeling of helping others. What’s odd about this? It never occurred to me others would appreciated helping me too.

Recently I was in Huntington Beach, California taking photos of the sunset when I notice a family gathering together. I know what’s coming next, I have a camera in hand and I will soon be asked to take photos for the family. The mom asked, would you take our photo it with your Canon camera. Of course, would love to. Her adult children said… MOM, in only a way that our kids can, something I am very familiar with. I really don’t mind, I took some photos of the beautiful family with the camera and my phone.

While I air drop photos, they offer to send me luggage; they own a company.

No, that is not necessary, I like doing it. No please they insist, take my card I want to send you something. I enjoy this. The Son says, then pay for her drinks. Not necessary I am having fun.

The women sees the photos, starts to tear up, hugs me so tight and says thank you. My kids are going back home tomorrow and I am sad, this is such a wonderful photo. I think to myself, my heart is happy and my little gesture made her heart happy too. All is good.

I loved doing it and now I feel good because I did something nice, had she insisted on paying for my food, it would not have been my nice gesture. It would have been payment for a service, I did not want that. There is nothing wrong with taking kindness from others, she was not taking advantage, I was volunteering and having a good time.

As it turns out… her mother lived in the same small town in Arizona as Wally grandparents. It’s a small world after all.

The tables were reversed for me, I was standing in line when the person in front of me started a conversation, I offered some business advice. He offered to pay for my coffee, not necessary I said. In fact let me pay for you. He looked at me, with such kindness said. Don’t take away the nice thing I would like to do for you. Oh man! was that a good lesson for me. He was right. I appreciateed his kindness and said thank you.

Remember to accept the gifts that are given with grace and gratitude, a compliment, say thank you. A gift of a cup of coffee, a meal or time someone is spending to make your day a little better, accept and pay it forward. The world is a better place for your generosity.

Take care


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