It’s Official! I started a Vlog

It’s official! I started a Vlog. I will admit that creating a vlog was simple in my head. So why a vlog and why now? Honestly, I had been struggling with blogging, establishing the right format, grammar, and I always seem to misspell a word or two. Gary V’s voice in my head; not everyone is good at blogging, find what you are passionate about and do that. So here I am with my first Vlog. Thanks, Gary! How did I decide the focus of my vlog? I have two main objectives for an online presence. One is to share with as much transparency as possible my past and present setbacks and challenges. If I can plant a seed that will help others grow and feel if she can do it, then I can too. I am a happy gal.

The second reason: I have been sharing on my Instagram stories of chance interaction and the feeling it evokes. From paying it forward to interactions with others, I will share those moments with you. Go with your strengths, and I have done just that. Not perfect but I put it out there and so should you. I will still blog, but now I can share the bulk of the information in video and a short narrative of the story.

Disclaimer: I like to keep the spontaneity of giving, therefore the camera may not be in the right location, but the reaction is real. Embedded in this blog post is the first video. See what happened when I went to lunch with my daughter.

Have a Phenomenal day!


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