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Last minute gift ideas for the adul​​​t kid in your life

Adult kids can be the hardest people to shop for!  they are moving into there own place, new careers and lifestyle changes making shopping nearly impossible! If you are like me and started late this year, here are some last minute gift ideas for the adult kid in your life.

 I have learned some tricks and tips to accomplish the best gifts for my young adults, these are some items I purchased in years past. 

Technology: Whether you are spending more or less technology is always a great gift or stocking stuffer.

Earphone: Air-pods, beats, or even the little $10 ones at target they are something used every day.  Apple Air-pods are popular with my kids; new out this year is the case. Perfect for ski trips 

Phones and Phone accessories: Buying a new case or new pop sockets or spending more lavishly and getting them the newest phone that they have been hinting at.  additional gift ideas are cords and squares, they seem to disaper in this house. 

Clothing: Clothing is a great way to fill some space under the tree. My daughter always loved getting clothes and new outfits for Christmas, in case my kids are reading this, I love new clothes too.

 My son is into fitness and prefers workout clothes. While they may not like this being their whole gift, it is great to get two or three shirts or a pair or workout pants.

Giftcards: For me I think presents should be actual items and not just throwing money at my kids. I do however like giving some gift cards to places that I know that they go to like starbucks or uber cards.

Necessities:  The once dredded sock gift as a chid is now a great idea! Give shampoo, body wash, toothbrushes are great stocking stuffers. My children hate buying little stuff like this so giving them their favorites that might be a little bit more or just helping out with something that they need.

While gift giving is fun on Christmas, let’s never forget the reason for Christmas.  Whether you practice a religion or not; Christmas is all about being with the ones we love and cherishing those memories.

Take care of you!! XO 


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