Luxury Movie Theaters, Treat Yourself.

 Movies during the holidays is a tradition in our home, well actually, we love going to the movies all the time. This year, I am looking forward to seeing the new Disney movie, Marry Poppins Returns! out December 19th. It is rare we don’t see a new release on the first day, and now that the new Luxury theaters are popular, it is multitasking at its finest. Food, drink, and movie, is the perfect evening or Saturday afternoon. I frequent three theaters that we enjoy, one in Scottsdale, Az and the other two are in Southern California. 

The first luxury theater is iPic in Scottsdale Quarter. The first time we experienced this amazing theater we thought, this is living, personal service, recliner chairs with a pillow and blanket, had us hooked. This is the only theater so far that offers a pillow and blanket for a true comfort feeling. Scottsdale Quarter is an outside mall with many activities for the family to enjoy. Recently they added Christmas Decorations. Woohoo! Wendyknipp Scottsdale Quarter

Southern California theaters are The Port in Corona Del Mar and The Lot at Fashion Island.

Located at Fashion Island in Newport, California The Lot is a newly opened luxury theater. With recliner seats, delicious food an assortment of desserts, there is something for everyone. I had the flatbread pizza while wally enjoyed the Greek salad. With the luxury seating, you can go wrong with this Theater. 

The Port Theater

This neighborhood luxury theater with one large auditorium a mix of leather recliners, couches and lounge chairs. Food is good with popcorn, candy, and drinks. This Theater is truly local and plays one movie at a time for about two weeks before moving to the next. Walking down the street neighbors outside, it has a nostalgic feel to the neighborhood.

Going to the movies is a wonderful way to relax and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of cinema. Have a wonderful holiday season. 




Wendy Knipp

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