My Mothers Easy Chocolate Pie

I find it interesting…  Sometimes I cannot recall where I park my car, however I remember being a child and learning how to make my mothers chocolate pie. This past thanksgiving my daughter and I decided to bake this pie with the traditional Meringue on top. It will be a tradition passed from my mother to me, and now my daughter. This will be another memory I will recall over time, yet somehow forget where I left my glasses.

To be honest it’s more about spending time with Ashley preparing and sharing with her the stories of past holidays, the funny, sad and ones I had forgotten. It seams like a lifetime ago, when I was younger in our childhood home, where the dream of having the family I have today was nothing more than a dream. This easy chocolate pie will not impress the culinary expert but if you lived in the Midwest you may recall this recipe.

Easy chocolate pie

Chocolate pudding mix; I prefer the cook and serve,

2 Medium eggs,

2% or whole milk

You can purchase a premade piecrust or make one from scratch.

My mother always purchased hers so that is what we will be doing as well.

Holidays were always at my parent’s house, we might not have gotten along all year but holidays were always exciting with so many people in the house. Watching her make the pie was fascinating to me, I always though it would be fun to a pastry chief.

The first thing is to bake the piecrust. My mother took a fork and poked the premade piecrust, this is to keep it from creating bubbles, not sure if that is necessary anymore, however, I am doing it. See directions on package for cooking time; while it is cooling Let’s make the pie mix.

Separate two eggs the yolk will go into the pudding mix to make it creamier and the whites we will use for the meringue.

Cook pudding as directed, we used the bigger box which requires three cups of milk. When the pudding is starting to thicken. Turn the burner down a bit and add the egg yoke in slowly, stirring as you go. Once both eggs are in turn the burner back up to med to med high. With pudding you must stir the entire cook time to avoid burning the bottom.

Once the pudding starts to boil and the pudding can cover the spatula the pudding is done. Stir for a bit to make sure it is smooth. Pour into the piecrust.

As the pie is cooling (the pie does not completely cool), turn the broiler on and put the egg whites in a mixer with a little vanilla extra and a little bit of sugar, (start your broiler) I wish I could tell you how much but that’s how my mother cooked. If I had to guess it would be a 1/4-teaspoon of sugar and a drop or two of vanilla. If you want a higher top add more egg whites.

Pop into the over, top rack, you will need to watch this carefully, it should only take about 5 min to brown and cook the bottom.


Cool off in the refrigeration and enjoy your easy chocolate pie . 

My daughter and I had a wonderful time baking my mother’s pie; it brought back some wonderful memories. Do you have a favorite baking memory?





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