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You have reached the personal development section on the blog. Personal development happens throughout our lifetime. I have read books, attended events and walked away wondering why don’t we talk about the personal stories of overcoming obstacles. I want to know the day- to- day setbacks. 

In my lifetime I have overcome abuse, manipulation and feeling like I was crazy. I have built a successful model home cleaning business, on the board of non profits and doubled revenues in the first year of joining my husband in our construction company. I have reinvented myself several times utilizing the internet for my education. All BEFORE I graduated college at the age of 50. 

This section on my blog is designed to share with you the knowledge I have gained over the years. Through education, my own therapy, attending personal development events, helping others and learning as I go. I will break down the steps of how myself and others obtained personal and business growth.

I don’t claim to be an expert, I am here to share my experiences in hopes it will help you in yours. We are never too old to go after our dreams.