Recycling clothes in your closet

I look forward to January, not because it’s a new month or a new year. NOPE, sister, it’s sale season and my opportunity to purchase new tops is upon us. Why tops and not pants? I can spruce up my wardrobe with new shirts while keeping the same pants. Bada Boom!

Let’s work on recycling your closet.

Something I have learned in my years of budging for new clothes is one new piece will create the look. Keeping the basics in the closet such as jeans that fit my body right is a must. Plain t-shirts or graphics tees are good, then layering pieces such as a sweater or jacket completes the look. Don’t forget a cute Kimono. I have worn these same jeans for about 5 years now. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

Knowing the type of outfits that I prefer to wear helps keep me on budget. Yes, I said a bad word. haha. Recycling pieces that I love like my jeans, basic tops, and jackets. Use shopping as a way to spice up a look. For example, I have been wanting a new pair of boots, found these on sale. I have pared with this summer dress and my favorite cardigan that I have had for years.

This top is a short sleeve so I can use it in the summer. Same jeans will also look great with a black tee. BTW: I have had these for longer than five years.

Clever ways to recycle clothes

  1. No need to purchase new. Ever shop at the Goodwill? Here is a tip that I have used. Go to the affluent area of town, they have great stuff.

2. Have you been eyeing a shirt your friend no longer wears? Make it a party and exchange clothes adding to your wardrobe.

3. Did you know about the last chance on website clothing stores,- located in the search bar. Don’t be afraid to try the big stores like Nordstroms and Neiman Marcus. I have found some fabulous clothes for a deal.

4. Wear shirts over summer dresses, another way to layer

5. Pinterest and Instagram has fun ways to mix and match styles.

Have fun with your new choices, look on Pinterest or instagram for outfit ideas and how to mix and match patterns and styles.

If you are looking to clean out the kid clothes, may I suggest donating them to a school? I have a niece who is a school nurse and she has students asking for clothes. They are in need of shoes too, don’t forget to recycle your fabulous shoes.


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