Restaurants with a view at Crystal Cove

 This is the place we go to for some much-needed beach time, really when is it not a good time for the beach? Its only 5.5 hours from my house if we drive and an hour flight. Driving down the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) past Corona Del Mar and Newport cost is; Crystal Cove National Park, Ruby’s Shake Shack; shaken…

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Who cares if Im in denial about my age! “Old Lady Heat”

The time comes in every women’s life when they go to the “lady” doctor and discuss new midlife developments. I’m sitting in the Doctors office, debate the ever so slight mood swings, BTW: she types faster than I can talk; trust me it’s rare. Sharing more information than I should; because well, that’s my thing.  Finally, I take a breath and…

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