Top 12 Things to do in Maui

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I remember traveling to Hawaii for the first time over 15 years ago, the beauty was so breathtaking I wanted to sell everything we owned and move. I think we all feel like that when we go for the first time, island time helps us refuel our soul. The island we frequent the most would be Maui. While I am sure we have not tried all the restaurants or tours, we are acquainted with the island to share with you the top 12 things to do in Maui. 

# 1 Have Breakfast at the Gazebo Resturant at Napili Shores 

Year after year the Gazebo restaurant never disappoints, famous for there White Chocolate Macadamia nut pancakes and coconut syrup, it’s a carb lover dreams come true.  This quaint restaurant is adjacent to Napili Shores and has outstanding ocean views. The favorite breakfast spot is so good the wait time can be longer than one hour.  To save time waiting in line we typically call in our order and enjoy breakfast the tables by the pool. For more information: best breakfast on the island.


#2 Lahaina Front street


Kimos in Lahaina

  Another popular attraction is the town of Lahania. For landmarks and historical detail experience the Historic walking tour.  Look for the old tree and homes further down the street just past the shops. Stop at the Lahaina Pizza Co for there famous deep dish pizza and live music. If you are looking for Waterfront dining try Kimos, they have excellent views, food, and drinks. 

#3  Up Country



Upcountry is diffidently one of the things to do in Maui’s county living side of the island and one of our favorite road trips. I love the countryside and experiencing towns along the way to the Wine tasting at Maui Wine.   The house seen here is the tasting room and was once the guesthouse of the last reigning king of Hawaii, King Kalakaua.  Enjoy the country setting and delicious local wine.  Just before Maui Wine, you will see a country store and restaurant serving fresh local beef. If you are feeling adventurous like my husband usually is, the Elk Burgers are from the resident Elk herd. I will take his word for it. 


#4 Road to Hana 


Seven Sacred Pools

The lush tropical landscape with amazing waterfalls along the way is a favorite for visitors. Don’t worry about the drive time; you can stop along the way enjoying local fruit stands with fresh coconut and smoothies. Before heading out on our journey, we will stop by the Kuau store and enjoy fresh salads and sandwiches. I must caution, this is a winding road.

Depending on stops and how long you stay at the waterfalls, the approximate drive is 1.5 hours one way. Once in the city of Hana, the highway will continue to sacred pools or turning left at the “Y” find the local beach. Enjoy an ice cream or Burger while enjoying the beach. If lucky, as we were, you may see a celebrity such as Mayim Bialik from Big Bang theory. Continuing on the highway till you reach the end of the road and find the spectacular Seven Sacred Pools. Walk up the hill to see the magical views or walk a little way to the pools and go for a swim. 


#5 Mamas Fish House


Mamas fish house

  This oceanfront restaurant is steps from the ocean and very popular with locals and tourist; reservations are a must. A perfect place to celebrate a special occasion with outstanding photo opportunities, and we all know I love those! My favorite time is during sunset when the sun hits the ocean; it is truly breathtaking. Let them know if you are celebrating a special day they will help make it enjoyable for you. If you are looking for a place to stay, they rent cottages as well. Located in the town of Paia, stop by the main street and get your inner hippie fix. 


#6 Hiking in Maui



You may be thinking, girl, no way am I going hiking, and you look tired in this photo. Ok, true I was very tired, but look at these views. Trust me, this gal who before last year never hiked, thought it was well worth it to witness these spectacular views. We use the app Alltrails to find easy to moderate experiences. I was feeling adventurous this day, and every time we turned a corner the views took our breath away. Kudos to Wally for packing peanut butter sandwiches, I was tired and hungry by the time I reached the top. 


#7 Kaanapali beach



A popular beach destination, also known as “hotel row” where you will find shops, restaurants, hotels, and timeshares. Near Whalers Village is the Monkeypod restaurant, try their version of the Mai Tai, it’s not like others we have tasted. Stroll over to Hula Grill and sit at the table on the sand for there famous crab wontons, and delicious dessert the Hula Pie and enjoy live music.  Along the beach walk, there are stands for renting snorkel equipment, book an excursion or learn to surf. 


#8 Wailea



 The town of Wailea is located on the south side of the island. For a luxury day try the Grand Wailea Spa, have lunch at the hotel, the grounds are beautiful. If you have seen the movie Just go with it with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston you can see all the filming spots! Enjoy the day walking alongside the beach walk which takes you from Marriott Beach Resort newly renovated beach (romantic area to have dinner) past Grand Wailea over to Four Seasons to the Fairmont. Heck, stop at each location and have a beverage. If you want a high-end shopping center stop by the Shops at Wailea.


#9 Parasailing


This type of event is something I wanted to experience to take on my new motto, Fatih over Fear! We booked on the beach walk in Kaanapali and let me tell you; I loved it. I was a nervous wreck, but all was good, I was secure, and the views are breathtaking. It was an empowering event for me; I conquered my fear!


#10 Zip lining and Horseback riding

Depending on what views would depend on which company to use, look at the local books or ask the concierge at your hotel.  For horseback riding, we went to Ironwood Ranch

#11 Molokini Snorkeling 

Very popular in Maui, if you are a snorkel lover then booking this trip it is a must! It usually takes about five hours. This is a beautiful spot to view sea turtles and experience the crater.  The afternoon water is known for being choppy we usually go early in the morning. 


#12 Haleakala National Park 


Haleakala is the highest point of the island and cold once at the top, so make sure you bring a jacket. The dark and mysterious winding road with clouds resting on the road looked as if the trail disappears. The volcanic terrain is something I had never experienced before; this photo is good but better to experience in person.  


You can’t go wrong with whatever you decided to do on the island! Somedays we relax on the beach and others we are very active, make it your tropical vacation and have fun!! 


Let me know which Island you decided on or if you have any questions. 


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